V2 VERTEX – First Vape MINI MOD Hits The Sweet Spot

new v2 vertex - from v2 cigs - save on v2.com vertex vape ecig mod

Today marks the next chapter of the e-cigarette revolution, with a very special new product launch; the V2 Vertex.

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V2 Cigs’ newest innovation and gift to the vaping community, V2 Vertex.

I’m hearby coining the term MINI MOD and crowning this new E-Cig / Vape Pen hybrid the king of the category!

This new personal, extremely portable Vaporizer is so advanced and so refined, it will make you forget everything you thought you knew about e-cigarettes.


Introducing Vertex from V2

We started with a blank sheet of paper and finished with a masterpiece.

Incorporating innovative features, including a touchscreen, drop-in cartridges, an e-liquid gauge, a power meter, and a magnetic charger.

Vertex is like nothing you’ve ever seen, but since V2Cigs customers designed it, it’s exactly what you’d expect from V2.

v2 vertex vaporizer mini mod ecigarette hybrid - featuring leak proof tank

The flat surface stops roll-aways, and the power meter keeps you informed. The inductive touch screen lets you easily control voltage and vapor, and you can turn off the screen for stealth operation.

The advanced cartridge system features an all-new, hyper-efficient heating element. It clicks securely into place with magnets; no threading, no leaks.

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And under the hood is an ingenious battery and power management system, every component designed and optimized for performance.

No e-cigarette has ever packed so much technology into such a small package. Vertex from V2.

V2 Vertex: the evolution of a revolution.

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