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v2 cigs ex e-cigs vs v2 pro series 3 and 7 vaporizers

Users of e-cigs and vaporizers likely have one thing in common: the path they traveled to get from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

While the path they share may be quite similar, the individual needs for a vaper will vary greatly. Luckily the market for E-Cigs and Vape Pens provides a great deal of options for consumers.

You can choose the type of shape and size of your vaping products. You can even find a product to suit your personal style. Vaping products also vary in their complexity, with different options for newcomers vs. seasoned veterans.

As a new vaper you may be confused over which product will best suit your needs.

What functions will be most beneficial to you personally? What appearances do you prefer? What e-juices will be the most appealing?

There are actually thousands of different flavors and e-liquids / vape juice to choose from. You first need to identify what you are most looking to get out of your vaping experience.

From there you can look at the two basic categories of vaping, which include personal vaporizers (aka vape pens) and e-cigarettes (aka minis or cig-a-likes).

If You’re New To The World Of Vaping, You’re Likely To Appreciate The Simplicity Of An E-Cigarette – And The V2 Ex E-Cig Is As Good As It Gets In This Category

v2 ex ecigs are a top option in a mini ecigarette

v2 ex e-cigs from v2.com are the flagship line of cutting edge mini ecigs – combined with v2 clearomizer minis and even v2 mini cart for ex wax / concentrates mean compromises are few – though when ready for a step up series 3 and series 7 vape pens are where it’s at.


Helping you decide between E-Cig or Vape Pen TIP: E-cigarettes provide a more similar experience to traditional smoking, this can be very positive during transitions from traditional cigarette smoking

For one, the appearance of an e-cig is more in line with a traditional cigarette. There are mini and micro e-cigs, as well as Cig-A-Likes to choose from. These can be either rechargeable or disposable, so consider which option will better fit your lifestyle.


traditional v2 e-cigs - trying to decide between e-cig or vape pen? currently the ex line offers the best choice

traditional v2 e-cigs – trying to decide between e-cig or vape pen? currently the ex line offers the best choice

A micro-cig contains both a cartridge as well as a battery. If you’re interested in this category of e-cig, check our both the Classic and EX options from V2.

Using a pre-filled cartridge and automatic battery will provide the most seamless transition from smoking to vaping. There are very few steps involved in this process: simply attach the cartridge to the battery and you’re ready to vape.

As you become more experienced you may wish to switch to reusable cartridges rather than relying solely upon pre-filled cartridges. This affords you the ability to mix e-juices and really personalize your vaping experience.

v2 ex cartomizer refills - redesigned from the indside out

Luckily the Classic and EX lines from V2 give you this option. The V2 EX Blank in particular possesses some vaporizer properties that result in more vapor production. You’ll still get to enjoy the smaller size and familiarity of a micro-cig vs. using a larger vaporizer. The use of blank cartridges and e-juices will really broaden your horizons in the vaping world.

V2 coupon codes for e-cigs and vape pens - save on v2 ex mini cigs, vape juice and portable vaporizer pens

If you’ve become well-acquainted with the automatic e-cigs, you may wish to move onto something that allows you to control the amount of vapor production. This will require a move from automatic e-cigs to ones equipped with a manual battery. A manual e-cig will allow you to activate and deactivate the battery to change the amount of vapor that is being produced.

As you can see, there is a good variety of e-cigarettes and some may be perfectly content with using them for a long time. Especially when utilizing the latest in mini vaping e-cig technology that V2 has excelled as the clear leader at rolling out ahead of the competition. Of course saving extra with the exclusive v2 coupon codes we love to share with you makes it all that much nicer too!

If you’re looking for a different and more complex experience, a vaporizer or vape pen may be the right option for you. Just to clarify again on the differences between e-cig or vape pens; micro-cigarettes are technically a type of vaporizer, but it’s the larger devices that are referred to as vaporizers in the e-cig industry.

v2 pro series personal vape pens - series 3 and now series 7 - the best of 3-in-1 vaporizers

Vaporizers, also known as vape pens and tanks, are more powerful than your traditional e-cig and are noticeably larger in size. They do not look similar to tobacco cigarettes, unlike e-cigarettes. What exactly is the benefit of a larger product? It allows for more options that can’t be packed into a tiny e-cig.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Is A Good Option For V2 Loyal Customers Looking To Upgrade

You’ll find longer battery life and more storage capacity. E-liquid, wax and loose leaf are three different types of cartridges that can be used with the V2 Pro Series 3. Vaporizers can also give more control over temperature as well as the voltage. If this appeals to you, check out the V2 Pro Series 7. You’ll be able to personalize your vaping experience even more.

v2 cigs ex e-cigs vs v2 pro series 3 and 7 vaporizers

vape pen or e-cigarette? which to choose depends on your experience and needs – either way v2 cigs has you covered, and we have v2 discounts for yousave with coupon code EVAPE10 or on kits EVAPE15

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