V2 Vapes Product Overview & E-Cig Buyer’s Guide

Helping you pick the best vape for your needs is easier than it first appears - don't worry if you feel overwhelmed when first visiting v2.com

If you’re new to e-cigs or an ecig veteran that’s new to V2, selecting a product from our website can be a bit overwhelming.

I’m gonna walk you through the most popular ways to vape and help you find the product that’s just right for you.

If you are new to ecigs, thanks for taking a look at V2. We’re well-known for three things, rich, thick vapor, lifetime warranty of many of our products, and the best consumer reviews in the industry.

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Let’s begin at the beginning.

If you’re new, you’re here because you’re a smoker.

Do you smoke menthol or regular cigarettes?

If you smoke regular cigarettes, we have three traditional tobacco flavors to choose from: V2 Red, Sahara, and Congress.

Each one is designed to mirror a popular cigarette brand without the combustion of a traditional cigarette, of course.

If you smoke menthol cigarettes, we also offer three choices: V2 Menthol, Green Tea Menthol, and Peppermint.

Believe it or not, selecting a flavor gets you about 1/3rd of the way to a purchase.

Next, you need to determine your preferred nicotine strength. Most of our customers figure out their nicotine strength by determining how frequently they smoke regular cigarettes. The more frequently you smoke, the higher the nicotine level you’ll likely prefer. We offer five levels of nicotine, including zero.

Most newcomers to e-cigarettes start with 1.8% and then make adjustments over time. Now that you know what flavor you like and have an idea of your optimal nicotine strength, you can select some products, and since we have hundreds of products on our site, here’s what we recommend.

If you are new to e-cigarettes, start with the V2 EX E-Cig standard kit.

It has everything you need to begin enjoying the smooth vapor and rich flavor we’re known for. A standard kit comes with two batteries, two five packs of cartridges, and a charging kit to ensure you’re always powered up at home or on the road.

We recommend the standard kit because it will allow you to experiment with flavors, nicotine strengths, and batteries. Having that flexibility will help you really discover what’s best for you. By the way, check out our battery video to get the low-down on what battery you should choose.

If you are an experienced vaper and are new to V2, we can help you also.

First and foremost, we need to determine if you’re better-suited for pre-filled cartridges or for our new open systems. One way to think about it is if you’d prefer to be driven in a limo or if you’d rather be behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

If you prefer the convenience of a limo, then pre-filled cartridges are probably the way to go, and if you prefer the control and performance of a high-end sports car, then open systems would be your choice. Let’s dig deeper into each solution just to be sure.

Pre-filled cartridges are sometimes called closed systems because the cartridges are sealed, is our most popular solution. It’s hard to beat the convenience of simply attaching a cartridge to a battery. Our cartridges come in 12 standard flavors, and we’re always introducing limited editions.

Every flavor is available in five nicotine strengths, including zero, and you can purchase them in packs of five, twenty, forty, or eighty. The larger the pack size, the more you save per cartridge. We also have an advanced pre-filled cartridge called EX.

EX cartridges offer a higher puff count, a window that tells you how much e-liquid is remaining, and a special construction that ensures flavor consistency from the first puff to the last. If you are a classic cartridge user, you should give them a try.

A twenty pack or a forty pack is your best bet for your first purchase from V2. Either one will give you the opportunity to try four different flavors or strengths. You’re sure to enjoy the rich flavor and smooth vapor we’re known for.

Many experienced Vapers prefer open systems (aka Vape MODs)

The name is derived from the fact that the cartridges are open and hence refillable with e-liquid. Not coincidentally, our Platinum e-liquid happens to be awesome.

Like our pre-filled cartridges, we offer two kinds of open systems, our e-liquid starter kit, and the all-new V2 Pro Series 3. Which one should you choose? Well, it primarily depends on two things: how often you vape, and if you plan on vaporizing other mediums, such as loose leaf.

If you vape with moderate frequency and are primarily interested in e-liquid, then we recommend the e-liquid starter kit. It is a combination of our high-performance battery and our number one selling product for two years running, the EX Blank. By the way, EX Blanks are also sold separately.

The e-liquid starter kit gives you the control you’re looking for with the performance of a tank system. If you vape with high frequency or you’re interested in loose leaf or essential oils, then Series 3 is your choice.

In addition to huge tank capacity and battery life, it features magnetic connections for the cartridge and charger, and delivers thick clouds of vapor. It really stands apart. We have a great Series 3 video on our site. Have a look to dive deeper into the details. And of course, you’ll need e-liquid to go along with your open systems purchase. Our e-liquid comes in 12 flavors, five nicotine levels, including zero, and two bottle sizes. Makes sure you add a bottle or two to your order.

So, if you’re new to e-cigarettes, find your way to our standard kit. If you’re new to V2 and an ecig veteran and like to ride in limousines, check out our pre-filled cartridges, and if you’re new to V2 and rather be behind the wheel of a sports car, our open systems along with our Platinum e-liquid is right for you. Enjoy.

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