V2 Tops E-Cig Quality & Vape Pen Convenience in 2016

Are you looking for the Top Electronic Cigarette Brand? V2 Cigs is hands down the best one in America in 2016.

You will be amazed at all of the top qualities this brand, V2, possesses. No other company makes more E-Cigarettes than V2. Once you try this brand, you won’t want to try any others.

Their customer service is top notch and they have high quality e-cigarettes and a large selection for you to try.

If you are new to trying E-Cigarettes, be sure to go through V2 Cig testimonials and other resources to make sure you choose the one that is right for you. You will see that there is a variety to choose from and there is one for everyone who is looking to make the transition from traditional cigarettes.


Amazing 10-15% Savings for Every V2 E-Cig Purchase, WOW!

V2 already has LOW prices, but you are going to receive an additional 10% off each time you order. That’s right, no catch! If you live in the US, there is also a free shipping choice. Don’t wait, take advantage of this GREAT offer! The 10% coupon can also be used on special sales and promotions, even clearance items!

VMR has an array of products-V2 Cigs, Vantage Vapor, and Vapor Couture-and the 10% off coupon can also be used on those items. There are no limits, and you can pick and choose among the different categories of products that V2 has to offer.
Other products such as V2 Batteries and Vapor Couture’s accessories, KR808D-1 compatible Blank Cartomizers or Liqui Max “Clearomizers” and other e-juice flavors are amazing. Even though the constant coupon is 10% at the minimum, that doesn’t mean it stops there. The savings from switching to ecigs and vaping instead of V2’s smokers, makes V2 E Cigarettes the best value on the market today.

When you start using the V2 vaping supplies, you are going to see just how affordable everything really is. There is something out there for everyone to try on every budget. If you want to make the switch to vapor, you will be amazed at the price difference from traditional cigarettes and making the switch to E-Cigs.

Have you tried Vaping yet?

If you did not like the brand you tried, you are always welcome to give a gift of 15% OFF ANY V2 STARTER KITS! This also makes a perfect gift for someone in your life who is ready to make a change. They will thank you later!

The V2 Cigs Starter Kits are amazing and range in all different price points, styles, and preferences. Guess what? They ALL have the 15% off eligibility.


It doesn’t have to be your very first purchase, or even your 50th, it’s still going to be 15% off. You can even purchase more than one at a time and receive the discount. That’s an incredible deal, and we highly recommend that you try the V2 Starter Kits.

When shopping online, be sure to look out for brands who advertise savings on a starter kit, but they expire soon after or are only eligible for one use. We understand that sometimes you are looking for a “Low Price E Cig” option. Maybe you don’t want to buy a disposable that you can’t smoke again. We understand your concern with budgets in mind.

The answer is the V2 Cigs Express Kit. This kit is a little over $20 once you use your coupon. It is the same V2, but includes a battery and charger so that placing them into a larger kit is possible in the future with a different budget in mind. This could be a great alternative for the right person, and you still receive the great quality and performance from V2 Cigs. You can’t beat the price point of just over $20, wow!

The best looking PCC right now has to be the V2 E Cigs Portable Charging Case

They have been designed for utmost functioning and quality on the market and aim to be the best PCC you can buy. If you use 808D XL batteries with your E Cigs, you will not find one that is better than V2. Nothing can compare to this brand. These vaping kits have been completely redone, and are an essential if you are looking for the best choices.

Most people would agree that you want to have at least 2 batteries so that one can be on the charger at all times. That is just in case your battery goes out, and you would always have a spare ready to go in case of that emergency. Or another reason would be if you are traveling or one is lost.

Looking for the TOP Rated E-Cigarette Starter Kit?

That would be The Ultimate Kit from V2Cig. It is in a class all by itself when it comes to options and quality. SO AMAZING!

This kit makes the transition from regular cigarettes to V2 Cigs as seamless as possible. You will not find a better deal when it comes to starting with a bundle kit (which includes items with no-compromise vaping) from no less than 3 batteries that you can choose from, V2 PowerCig, Portable Charging Case, and an amazing 25 of V2 Flavor Refill Carts.

On the market today, this is the top starter kit when it comes to kits that last many weeks without needing a refill. By adding a few bottles of V2’s E-Liquid and refilling individually of the 25 carts frequently, you would have the kit last at least 6 months. Usually 5 times is OK without compromising quality or performance.

V2 Cigs are enjoyable for experienced vapor users, however they are also satisfying for NEW E-Cigarette Users that want to try only the best and genuine product.

There are many other e cigarette brands who are severely lacking in providing this certain product to consumers. These smokers want to feel like they are using the BEST E Cigarette on the market. They want to feel like they made the RIGHT choice. V2 has an unmatched number of loyal followers and the reason is that the amazing flavor of the vapor satisfies their need, and eliminates their cravings.

Some may say that this sounds too simple in this upcoming industry of technology and gadgets that everyone is so crazy about. However, the technology bracket is one of the top categories today for commerce.

V2 Cigs are also in this category. Blu Cigs have made their charging case part of the ever evolving social media, and we believe that is a poor choice due to the less than mediocre e cig or battery.

V2 don’t focus on social media and other tricks to get you to buy.

These guys focus on a top quality product when it comes to giving up the traditional cigarette and starting with smokeless vapor products.

All 2-piece e-cigarettes are NOT created equal. V2 Cigs are a 2-piece e-cigarette, which is extremely convenient, in that it combines the E-Liquid “Cartridge” along with a warming element.

I recommend using a 2-piece e-cigarette just because they are very easy to use, and make the transition to vapor even easier. Another thing to consider is that just because an e-cigarette is smaller than normal, such as BluCigs, and seems like a better option; it doesn’t mean they are better. It often means the the price is higher and the battery life is shorter. This is turn means it just doesn’t have the size to do the job. V2 Cigs realizes this since e-cigarettes are small items and need optimum performance.

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