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V2 Coupon Codes for March 2016

Saving money is something that everyone can enjoy, so why not head on over to, and you’ll be able to save as much as 30 to 50% off on your favorite starter kits and other electronic cigarette accessories, using promo codes directly from V2 themselves.

We get contacted by representatives from many electronic cigarette brands that ask us to tell you about their latest products, or to let us know when they’re having big sales.

It’s a great relationship, since they get to sell their products, while you and I get to keep money in our wallets!

In late 2014, V2Cigs enjoyed what we were doing with our site, and they decided that they wanted us to have some coupon codes that would never expire. Keep in mind that these codes can be used whenever, and you’ll also notice that V2 often offers sales on their products – if you use the codes we provide on top of their sales, you’ll get an awesome double discount, where you’ll get sale pricing, plus an additional percent off from our coupon code! How great is that? E-Cigarette, E-Liquid and Vape Pen Sales that are happening RIGHT NOW (Keep in mind that this page is updated often!)

There are some fantastic deals to be scored right now in early March 2016, but some of our favorites include the V2 Ultimate Starter, which has a $60 combined discount, and you’ll be able to select either the regular kit, or the V2 EX option, both of which are fantastic options and are definitely amongst the best starter kits available.

The EX Kit is one that our team here highly recommends and simply can’t get enough of – it’s hard to beat in terms of value, and there’s absolutely nothing held back – if you’re looking to get the best starter kit, this is the absolute best.

Even at the retail price of around 190-220 dollars, this kit just packs so much more value than any other starter kit, even from V2CIGS themselves. The kit is very customizable as well, and it has enough accessories, batteries, and cartridges to keep you vaping for a good while.

On the recent Labor Day Sale, I remember getting some great deals such as 40% off on starter kits and 35% off on other products – V2 was offering a great site-wide discount of 15% off EVERYTHING!

If you use the codes we’ve provided at the right times, you’ll see savings as much as 40 to 50% off on starter kits, and about 30 to 40% off on other products! But even when you use them without a sale to stack with, you’ll still be saving 10 to 15% off your purchase, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. Just click the icons above to update the “best savings” deal – you’ll be able to see how to get the most value for your money that way.

Use the coupon code EVAPE, and you’ll save 10% off any purchase on

But, if you’re looking to purchase a starter kit, use the code “EVAPE15”, and you’ll save 15% off any starter kit, including the V2 Ultimate.

Use coupon code EVAPE to save 10% off on cartridges and other accessories.

Use coupon code EVAPE15 to save 15% off on all starter kits.

Saving Money With V2 Cigs Many of the more experienced and well-practiced vaping veterans, as well as vape hobbyists who have perfected their technique will mention that cigalikes aren’t what they’re after, and that eGos are usually cheaper than cigalikes. However, a large number of consumers prefer cigalikes because they’re small, lightweight, and are similar to traditional cigarettes in both shape and size.

Let’s go through some ways to save money when you vape with V2Cigs.

Buying a couples kit can be a great way to save some money.

This kit comes with two Standard Kits, which are valued at 165 dollars when purchased separately.

A single user can use both kits in a few ways – keep a kit at a friend’s house that you stay over at often, or perhaps leave one in the car, or simply grab the extra batteries from the second kit for when you go on a vacation.

There are 20 cartomizers, which will only last you so long, and occasionally you might end up losing a charger, so you’ll be glad you have a second as backup. You can save roughly 45 dollars by buying a couples kit over two Standard kits.

Blank Clearomizers are another option.

Keep in mind that a pre-filled clearomizer with a milliliter’s worth of e-liquid is about $1.24 for the liquid alone, even when they’re purchased in bulk to try to save some money. Instead, you could buy e-liquid in bottles, and fill your own clearomizers for some savings. For $17.59, you can get a 25 ml bottle – that’s equivalent to roughly 70 cents for each clearomizer – a substantial savings of almost 45% compared to buying pre-filled. For $31.08, you can get a 50 ml bottle – that means each clearomizer you fill yourself will only cost 62 cents per milliliter, and the 60 ml Zig-Zag bottles will save even more, at 57 cents per ml of liquid. You can also buy cartomizers in bulk to save as well! A pack of five cartomizers will cost about $10.33. You can actually buy as many as 80 cartomizers at a time, and V2 will let you mix and match up to four different flavors. This 80-pack will cost $124.48, which will roughly equate to $1.24 per cartomizer.